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Welcome to Black Forest Farm, LLC

Pardon us while we are under construction. Read a little about us in the meantime. 


Let horses help you find your passion in life, learn leadership, communication and team building skills and help you reach your full potential.


Black Forest Farm offers programs in Equine Assisted Leadership, Learning and Healing as well as programs to build your skills and create a special connection with horses.  We offer class room style education and hands on training.  Enroll now in one of our many programs and discover how horses can change your life.

Horses, Black Forest Farm - Madison and Barneveld, WIThroughout history, horses have been our partners and companions providing us with transportation, doing work for us and carrying us into battle.  People viewed them as beasts of burden, food and livestock.  While their role may have been a necessity of the times, horses most often faced a hard, uncertain life at the hands of their human partners. 

Peacock, Black Forest Farm Madison and Barneveld, WIBy nature, horses are fearful because they are prey animals.  If their basic instinct is to survive, based on history, they have good reason to fear people.  Therefore, they have become especially adept at reading people.  They are an excellent mirror of human emotions. While horses continue to have many uses, people are discovering a more noble use for horses in Equine Assisted Learning and related fields. 


The Black Forest Farm family is home to more than 30 horses, dogs, cats, a few peacocks, a mule, a donkey and a hard working staff devoted to the training, care and contentment of our animals. Our horses truly enjoy the company and companionship of the people around them and thrive on attention.


There are many ways to connect with horses through our educational and wellness programs, recreational activities and a variety of opportunities to simply experience your surroundings.  Begin today to change your life by changing your experience.  Let horses help you discover your personal gifts and improve skills needed for a happy family life and successful career.  Browse our site, then contact us for more information, to enroll or to make an appointment for consultation.  Do it today and change your tomorrows.



Visitors, Black Forest Farm Madison and Barneveld, WI



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