Facilities at Black Forest Farm, LLC

    Barn, Black Forest FarmBarn, Black Forest Farm










    The facilities at Black Forest Farm, LLC usually create quite a first impression.  Although this is a developing facility, it is more than adequate for the average guest.

     Front View of Stable, Black Forest Farm


    The barn is a Morton building that is roughly 144' x 72'.  It contains 21 double sized stalls of approximate dimensions of 10' x 20' to 12' x 24'.  They are wonderful for foaling!  In fact, the stalls are so nice, we call them suites instead of stalls.  Some have dutch doors leading.  Exterior suites have windows for ventilation and large roof fans help cool the barn in the summer.  Swing out feeders make feeding easy and safe for horses and people.

     Overhead View of Stable, Black Forest Farm


    A  Cover All building serves as a shelter and indoor arena.  It is approximately 60' x 60'.  The Cover All style building brings in daylight  giving the inside a light, airy feeling.  It gives the rider the experience of bringing the outdoors in and creates a much more pleasant environment than conventional arenas. 

     Cover-All Building, Black Forest FarmCover-All Building, Black Forest Farm






    The outdoor riding arena is approximately 90' x 120' and is constructed out of Priefert panels.  We also use this area as a safe turnout as these panels are extra strong and tall.  It's also a nice area for turn out for other horses that we want to keep separate from the rest of the herd and keep an eye on, such as mares about to foal or visiting horses.


    The second outdoor arena is on the south side of the barn and often serves as turn out in the winter.  It's great in the summer because there's always a breeze and a nice view.


    There are several pastures of various sizes over the farm's 54 acres.  Trails meander throughout the wooded part of the farm.  


    Pastures have automatic waterers to assure that all horses have an adequate source of water.  Waterers are heated in the winter to encourage horses to maintain their usual consumption. 


    Black Forest Farm, LLC is nestled in the hills and woodlands of Blue Mounds.  The picturesque enchantment of the landscape, the rustic buildings and colorful horses surround one with the beauty of nature in any season.