Peacock Feathers
Symbolism and Spiritual Significance

peacock showing off

In general, the peacock represents some of the most admired human characteristics.  In history, legend and myth, the peacock is a symbol of nobility, holiness, protection, watchfulness and guidance.  It epitomizes both beauty and integrity similar to what humans can achieve when they live their lives on their highest spiritual paths.

In Buddhism, the peacock's ability to eat poisonous snakes symbolizes the transmutation of evil into good.


In Greco-Roman Mythology, it is identified with Hera who'd hundred eyes (on the tail feathers) symbolize the eyes of stars.


In Hinduism, it is associated with the deity Lakshmi who represents benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and luck.


In Japan, it is associated with Kwan-yin who symbolizes love, compassion, kindness, good will, nurturing and watchfulness.


In China, it is associated with goddesses of mercy. 


In Babylonia and Persia, it is seen in engravings as a guardian to royalty.


In Christianity, it represents the all seeing God, holiness, resurrection, renewal and immortality.