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Life on the Farm

  Horses in Mist, Black Forest Farm

Horses in the east pasture, wrapped in bits of mist yet to be burned away by the new sun.  



Horses in Mist


Who's basking in that new sun's warmth.... Kachina and friends.     




Sophie, Black Forest Farm


Sweet Sophie! She'll soak up all the attention you're willing to give. Good thing barn cats don't eat hay!  


 Mother Peacock

One late spring morning, found the female peacock perched within a feeder tray. What an auspicious and purposeful thing to do. What could she a sittin' on? Eggs?     



Raccoon Babies, Black Forest FarmSpring brings babies, pure and simple.  





Raccoons, Black Forest FarmAlways in step, side by side.    




Raccoons, Black Forest Farm   Always in step. 





Side by side.Raccoons, Black Forest Farm    






Raccoons, Black Forest FarmWell.....Ok..... Not always in step! 






Weeks later......Still perched..... Morning, noon, and night!  Peacock, Black Forest Farm






Peacock, Black Forest Farm   Thought so! Hatchling! Just about ready to "fly the coop".  





Hey, look at me! Out in the world. Mother and Chick Peacock, Black Forest Farm






Mother and Chick PeacockGettin' Bigger!  





Proud Papa!     Peacock, Black Forest Farm